Track Installation


Determine the placement of the brackets on the wall. Install all brackets except for the final pulley bracket. Clip track into the brackets & install final bracket. Install cord guide for all looped corded tracks.

Most people like to have about a 1 - 1.5cm clearance of the curtains from the floor.

This is achieved by:

Adding 4cm to the hook drop of the curtain for a 1cm clearance

Adding 4.5cm to the hook drop of the curtain for a 1.5cm clearance.

Use this measurement to position the track brackets.

End Pulley Bracket: mounted vertically

Measure the window opening and the track then divide the difference in half.

Measure from the floor to the top of the gold pulley bracket, not the bracket base, mark this position and install.

Centre Bracket: The centre brackets are mounted horizontally.

Determine the spacing for the amount of centre brackets supplied.

Measure from the floor to the flat tab/tongue at the very front of the clip that fits into the top of the track, using the same measurement as with the pulley bracket. Install all centre brackets. The track can now be clipped into position to allow accurate placement of the final end pulley bracket.

Attaching the track to the brackets:

Clip the track into the right hand pulley bracket by angling the pulley at 45 degrees and put into the middle slot, the other slots are for adjustment up or down.

Clip the track onto the centre brackets by pushing the track onto the brackets. Do not pull up or down on the brackets.

The left hand pulley bracket can now be measured and installed. To help with this, unclip the track from the nearest centre bracket, DO NOT UNCLIP THE TRACK FROM ALL BRACKETS. Install the final bracket. Re-clip the track onto the end bracket first the centre bracket.

Unclipping the Track

To remove the track, push on the centre spring of clip brackets. Do not pull the track up, down or away from the wall without holding down the centre spring on the bracket.


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Hi David Try Betta Quality Curtains or Tailored Window Treatment. Both have installers to help you.

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Hi !

Can you advise of a stockist on the Fleurieu or Southern Adelaide. We need to replace some bent fittings after someone overbalanced and grabbed the curtai

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Hi Cheryl. Sorry but we do not do roller blinds. Contact your nearest Interior Decorator for roller blind sales

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This is Cheryl Mckenny, I want to supply & install new roller blinds for my new house. Also I would like to know if you accept credit cards for payment.

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