Designer Rod

Wholesale Only

Contact your nearest Interior Designer for prices
Designer Rods come in 8 standard colours and are available in plain or reeded finish
We also hand paint a large selection of colours onto the rods to give a personalised look for any decorating style.

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Anne Dade | Reply 23.09.2018 17.25

I have a square bay window. Can one pair of curtains be hung on the decorator rods. ie Can a curtain go around a 90 degree bend on these decorator rods ?

Lyn 24.09.2018 07.08

Hi Anne, Our 38mm dec rods can't be bent & curtains will not go past mitres. Our 25mm rods can be bent. For 38mm rods that can be bent please contact Artrak.

Lyn | Reply 20.04.2018 16.00

Hi Caterina
We are wholesale only. You will need to contact your nearest decorator to get prices. Or if in Adelaide you can phone us for recommendations.

Caterina | Reply 20.04.2018 15.20

Hi Clint,
Can you please price a double rod for me 3.4 w the plain satin silver one, for a wave track curtain sheer and a plain duplex blockout at the back.

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29.12 | 15:26

Hi. We have 2 tracks that will do this. Standard tracks can be bent on site by an installer, in 12 colours. 25mm Dec Rod can be bent in our Factory In 8 colours

28.12 | 14:44

Hi there

I am looking for two continuous tracks ceiling mounted for two bay windows. Each bay window requires two 135 degree bends. Is that possible?

18.11 | 07:22

Hi Klaus, Sorry the closest we have to you is Curtain Track Distributors in Queanbeyan NSW

17.11 | 18:00

Do you have a sales outlet in Wollongong NSW

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